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Are you looking to make more of an impact in your life?

How I can work with you

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Executive/Leadership Coaching

How can you have a greater impact while holding onto what is important to you? 

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Team Coaching

High performing teams are built on trust, know where they are going and how to deal with conflict in a positive way

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Coaching for Neurodivergent people

Being neurodivergent adds extra dimensions to your everyday and professional life. 

Sometimes additional support helps you reach those greater heights

Investing in Your Future:
The Power of Coaching with Alexa

For executives, teams and leaders to achieve their ambitions through understanding themselves and building strategies to move forward.


I offer coaching to executives, teams and leaders, particularly those who are neurodiverse


I believe that everyone is a work in progress and there are always things that can hold us back. Together we can find out what those things are and build strategies so that you can have the kind of impact you want in life.

My approach to coaching is similar to how I approach my own life - 

future-focused, strength-based and whole-person approach.

Dr Alexa Smith

"Coaching is the ultimate partnership, where I stand by your side, challenge your limits, and guide you towards your own answers. Together, we unlock your potential and bring your goals to life."

Digital Manager


Website Consultant

It has been a welcome and interesting journey to be coached by Alexa. I'm glad I made time and took the opportunity to review where I am and what the future can hold. We dig deep, exploring underlying motivations and discovering what is possible and how. The how is really important: it isn't just about identifying aspirations, Alexa will probe you so you find solutions within yourself so you have a pathway to move forward.

"Ready to unleash your potential and create your desired impact?

Book a free exploratory call with Alexa today and start your journey. Click here to get started."

+44 7752 376 635

Virtual or Face to Face in Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire or London


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